Nilles Trading Company is rapidly developing export-import company established in 2012 in order to enter the list of world agricultural traders, the strategic objective of which is to satisfy these requests. Since inception of the Nilles Trading Company we remained focused on a single commodity asset class, namely the grain and oilseeds. This focus has helped us to cumulate and to compound our skills over time, to build deeper insights into agricultural product markets and to consolidate our competitive position.

The company's policy is one of continuous improvement of professional knowledge and skills of employees, the provision of high quality services in the global market, expanding the range of partners and increasing the volume of sales.

Nilles Trading Company is always aware of agrarian trends on the world grain market, which creates the perfect conditions for the effective management of the business and allows us to look with confidence to the future , linking their plans with the opening of offices in Asia and Europe.


We are convinced that our success depends on a strong economic, social and environmental performance, with this triple value creation being key to long term profitability.

Our main goals and benefits:

  • Fast and timely payment
  • Always competitive market prices
  • 100% performance of its obligations under contracts
  • Work with all seaports of Ukraine

Origination & market

The global trend towards an increase in world population leads to an increase in demand for food crops, as well as livestock feed.

The company works with farmers and agriculture from the Black Sea Region to create markets for its products worldwide.

The company is growing at the expense of professional managers who are working in the market of agricultural products and have years of experience in many countries.

Our Procurement team plays an important role in ensuring the purchases we make across the company deliver best value in terms of cost and quality.

To secure quality service to our customers we collaborate with reliable suppliers, respectable financial institutions and transportation companies.


We are providing a wide range of Commodities that are traded in Ukraine in both, spot and forward segment of the market


Niche crops

Trading and Export

The company operates mainly on the basis of CPT and DAP, deepwater ports of Ukraine.

At the moment, we are actively developing container deliveries on the basis of CIF and CFR in such directions as Europe, Asia, and Middle East


We actively pursue long-term relationships with our suppliers based on responsible and sustainable agricultural practices. We’re entering new partnerships, increasing agricultural productivity through responsible innovation, and managing our supply chains in an efficient and responsible way that allows us to better connect supply and demand.

Our commitment is in the way we build relationships based on trust with partners at every stage of the value chain, upholding the highest ethical standards while pursing excellence.

Our main and reliable partners for many years
are such international companies as:

  • Bunge
  • Cargill
  • Dreyfus
  • ADM
  • Olam


We are expanding our footprint further through an intelligently diversified product offering and selective acquisition of logistic, processing and farming assets, in addition to greenfield projects.

  • Organic grains, oilseeds and pulses
    (joint farming and trading)

    Estimating the prospects for organic trade outside the country, taking into account the growing demand from European countries, the company together with partners plans to grow organic soybeans. Such seeds are much more resistant to negative factors, like temperature drops. That is, the improvement of the seed material at the expense of organic matter.

  • Joint in-land silo projects and grain collection points (in Ukraine)

    Ukraine is Europe’s granary. Total production accounted for around 63 million tons in 2010. However, the country lacks sufficient modern capacity for temporary storage of grain. There is an increasing need for silo’s with modern transport systems, drying facilities, ventilation and measuring equipment.

  • Granulated bran

    Bran is a product demanded by the modern market, which goes directly to the feed of agricultural animals and poultry, and also as raw material for the production of mixed fodders. The use of bran in uncompacted form has a number of disadvantages. This, above all, higher costs for storage and transportation. But most importantly, such bran is strongly dusty, which causes a number of problems when feeding animals. When granulating, the bran is compacted to 10 times. Practical data of livestock enterprises testify to the high efficiency of these feeds. This explains the widespread use of granular bran in livestock and poultry.

    Additional benefits of granular bran: better preservation due to the smaller effect of mold and yeast fungi and a smaller specific surface area, less seeding with viable forms of microorganisms that retard the growth of animals and cause diseases; high bulk density, which makes it easy to transport the product over long distances; reduced dust generation (reduced explosion and fire hazard); smaller storage volumes compared to the starting material.

    In this regard, granulation of bran is very interesting from a commercial point of view solution.


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